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About Us

Hello!! I'm Chef Dee
(pronouns: they/he/she)

I have been creating in the food industry for over 15 years and I currently work at Blue Heron Cheese/Lumi Foods and am a cofounder of FuelGood Catering. Outside of work I like to SUP and annoy my girlfriend.

What is your why?
I want to share my journey of reconnecting with filipino food by adapting it into plantbased/vegan alternatives and finding out about vegan filipino dishes that doesn't get talked about. 


Taanshi! Dishinikawshon
(hello! my name is chris)
(pronouns: they/them)

As well as working with Kain More, I am a full time student and run a few small businesses myself. I approach my education and entrapeneuralship through a decolonized, Indigenized and, critical lens. Other than making the little empanada faces I make and sell traditional and contemporary Métis earrings (@artandstuffbychris) and run my own pet sitting business. Outside of that capitalist BS I like to pet the neighbourhood cats and spend time at the creek.

What is your why?
My why is why not? I came into Kain More by accident. I tried some of Chef Dee's peach mango empanada and it started from there. I want to be a part of dreaming up vegan Filipino dishes (i'm dreaming of vegan Filipino spaghetti right now...)


(Left: Dee, Right: Chris)

We hope our food brings you a little joy - Dee (Left) & Chris (Right)